Dec 19, 2012


 So I've decided instead of wasting so much wrapping paper this year, I'm going to try and wrap as many things as I can in reusable tote bags. I had a Joanns 50% off coupon, so buying the blank canvas ones in packs of 3 came out to be about $1.50. About the same as buying a gift bag right?

So for my first attempt, I thought I would be cleaver and use an idea that's been floating around pinterest... Foam Stickers!

Somehow I didn't take into account that the letters would be BACKWARDS! Duh! And to top it all off, DH said "hehe I knew they would be" (then commenced cussing and slapping for the next 5 minutes straight)

My following attempts came out much better:

They were all done with fabric paint (or as we used to call it in the 90's "puffy paint"), or good 'ol sharpie. I used my disappearing fabric pen to outline some of them first, but most of them were done free hand.

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