Jan 10, 2009

The loss of my blogging virginity
or The Importance of Socks

I never thought the day would come, but low and behold: I have become a blogger. And of course, of all things over-done and trendy, this will be the new home of my knitting (aka: life) and other exploits. I just hope that countless (or useless?) hours won't go to waste, only to be read by my mom (who just so happens to be a way more experienced blogger than any respectable 40-something stay-at-home(school)-mom should be).

Introductions aside, I've been obscenely obsessed with my new found skill, sock knitting! I found out a few weeks ago that an old friend of mine is pregnant with her first, and is due in may. My original intention was to dig up a few simple patterns, a blanket, maybe a hat and some
(most likely) unsuccessful socks and/or booties. WELL, after getting started on the first baby sock and realizing the not quite as terrifying as i thought truths about the black art of turning a heel, I realized how much fun knitting something that isn't based on a really square is! The most amazing part is that my first two socks came out identical (go me!). I've also learned the new skill of picking up (intentional) stitches. I'm working on the second sock of the second pair now, but they're really only taking me about one good solid day of well interrupted knitting per sock. I washed and dried the first pair today (for an initial test drive), so you should see them soon.

Another thing I recently discovered, while attempting to use more natural fibers, is a brand of 100% cotton yarn made by
Hobby Lobby called "I Love This Cotton" (it also comes in standard acrylic "I Love This Yarn" and the ever-so-itchy "I Love This Wool"). I have to say though, I really, really do love this cotton! When first searching out affordable 100% cotton I bought some Peaches and Cream (at the advice of my mason-dixon book), and while the price was right I was sadly disappointed by the uncottony-unsofteness of it. The "I Love This Cotton" is amazingly soft, and because its a knock-off brand it's CHEAP. My respect (not being incredibly high before) for Hobby Lobby and their products has gone way up! My first pair of socks, which you will soon see, was knit with this strong, soft, knot-free yarn.

My next and upcoming venture, once May is out of the way and Erin's little one has been properly showered in hand-knits, will be an attempt at sweaters. Socks have changed me forever and made me realize I've knitted way to many garter-stitch-scarves in my life.

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