Jan 17, 2009

On-going Projects...

I knitted a little hat the other day to match a pair of socks I knitted. It really didn't take me very long. I've really been enjoying the dpn's lately. I just ordered a whole ton of bamboo knitting needles off e-bay as well, and you should be seeing them soon. Anyway here's the hat:

100% acrylic Red Heart baby on size 3 dpn's. I was happy with how fast it was to knit, and I didn't use a pattern. The only thing is that where I started to decrease it bumps out a bit... it's small so, oh well.

I've also been working on another project. Michael's was having a sale on all it's baskets, so I got this little gem for $5.00. It was pretty plain when I got it, so I stained it and made a cloth cover for it with some random fabric I had laying around. I have to say, it's not quite big enough for all my yarn, but just about does it for my "not-so-current projects".

Can anyone spot the Mason-Dixon "warshrag"?

I also made this handy little thing to go along:

With 6 awkwardly hand stitched buttonholes. I'm just glad they aren't running rampant anymore, pulling my yarn every which way. I'm also working on a spit-up bib (nice right?), but I don't have pics to share right this second.


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