Sep 24, 2012

Yay! Door Headboard!!

I finally got the headboard I've always wanted, made from an old door! Adam gets total credit for this one (except for picking out the door of course, which was obviously the hardest part).

I found the door at the habitat for humanity store (great cheap building supplies) for $50, and after it stood in the corner of our living room for about a month... Adam did the rest. I'm thinking about painting it antique white. I love that we left the door knob and number on there. Apparently it was from an old hotel, kind of creepy right?

We already had freestanding bed rails so he just added some legs to the door, painted them black, and attached them to the rails. If you didn't want the doorknob, you can always turn the door the other way. The mattress would hide the hole.

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